Rawcuss recording @ Abbey Road Studios - March 20th 2013
Rawcuss recording @ Abbey Road Studios – March 20th 2013

Rawcuss travelled to Abbey Road studios to work with Rob Cass in March 2013 recorded 3 tracks. Rob has worked with many artists and producers from Estelle to John Leckie (Radiohead). In May and June 2014 the band recorded 11 more tracks for a possible debut album, these were recorded at The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire which of recent times have recorded bands like the Arctic Monkeys and The Editors. The tracks are still in the mixing stage and the band are in no mega rush until they are perfect. Watch this space!


Mudkiss: ‘…acrobatically musical break dance; tantalising, nimble shoe shuffle bass; tightrope tiptoe, to thrilling roll, of tumbling Adam Ant drums…’ (Read on)

John Robb – “Here’s a great New Band, they cant Spell, but expect great things from Rawcuss”

Paul Travis – “Rawcuss, one of the freshest, most original bands on the current Manchester scene, they have wonderfully crafted pop/punk/ska tunes, clever, witty, lyrics to brighten the dullest of days. This music is the new britpop and deserves to grace the airwaves of our great nation- Music that makes you dance and smile- – go and buy it, see it rocket up the charts”

Gareth Brooks – “Yes i’ve heard Rawcuss, I had a listen to them on the way down here, i do like them. I get what they’re about” (At Printworks band of the year comp final when asked by the compare)

Kimi Ramone – “I love this sound its a mix between The Kinks and The Buzzcocks with a smidgen of Talking Heads in their” (Describing “John Travolta” single)

Steve Lamaq - “This is for all you hollyoaks fans of the show from a great new Manchester band called Rawcuss, this track is a perfect end to the show” (Before playing “TV Fantasies” as last track of his show – about tracks inspired by TV shows – jan 2011)

Artum Online – “great classic britpop exactly what is missing in our time, in the best traditions of blur and mansun”


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