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Rawcuss travelled to Abbey Road studios to record 3 tracks March 2014  and in May and June 2014 the band recorded 11 more tracks for a possible debut album, these were recorded at The Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, Watch this space!



Mudkiss: ‘…acrobatically musical break dance; tantalising, nimble shoe shuffle bass; tightrope tiptoe, to thrilling roll, of tumbling Adam Ant drums…’ (Read on)

John Robb – “Here’s a great New Band, they cant Spell, but expect great things from Rawcuss”

Paul Travis – “Rawcuss, one of the freshest, most original bands on the current Manchester scene, they have wonderfully crafted pop/punk/ska tunes, clever, witty, lyrics to brighten the dullest of days. This music is the new britpop and deserves to grace the airwaves of our great nation- Music that makes you dance and smile- – go and buy it, see it rocket up the charts”

Gareth Brooks – “Yes i’ve heard Rawcuss, I had a listen to them on the way down here, i do like them. I get what they’re about” (At Printworks band of the year comp final when asked by the compare)

Kimi Ramone – “I love this sound its a mix between The Kinks and The Buzzcocks with a smidgen of Talking Heads in their” (Describing “John Travolta” single)

Steve Lamaq  “This is for all you hollyoaks fans of the show from a great new Manchester band called Rawcuss, this track is a perfect end to the show” (Before playing “TV Fantasies” as last track of his show – about tracks inspired by TV shows – jan 2011)

Artum Online – “great classic britpop exactly what is missing in our time, in the best traditions of blur and mansun”





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